Official Huddersfield Get Steve Mounie

Official Huddersfield Get Steve Mounie
Huddersfield Town confirmed that they had reached an agreement with Steve Mounier of Montpellier.

The decision of the club to bring it, because the talented young man is considered to strengthen the front line of The Terrires this summer in the Premier League.

Even coach David Wagner was happy, the article could get it before the team’s pre-season started and the German tactician called Mounier the striker they were looking for.

“I’m happy that we can bring Steve early in the pre-season training session. He has a very interesting combination as a young striker, ”

“He also has the perfect physical attributes for the English Premier League, plus we have also seen his talent as a footballer in last season in France. For a young man he already has experience playing in Ligue 1.

“He is still 22 years old, which is still going to increase. Given his ability is very interesting. “David Wagner said on the club’s official website.

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