Mourinho: No Coach Like Me

Mourinho: No Coach Like Me

Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho, confirmed that there is no more football manager like himself.

Not long ago Mou had reportedly many who consider themselves as a coach who does not have common sense and very arrogant.

Responding to the news in circulation, he claimed not to respond to it and just want to prove he can help the team achieve success.

Not only that Mourinho himself asserted that he did not have time to take care of things that are not important.

Mourinho thinks he just wants to take care of United to get out of the slump and be dipuncak Premier League standings.

In an interview Mou said “Many consider me as an arrogant coach.”

“I honestly do not care about that. Because they do not know what I’m going through. ”

“I just want to use my time well to help the Red Devil achieve success.”

“And of course there is no coach like me in the Premier League.”

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