Designing the Ideal Home For Family Size

IF THERE question of how the size of the area ideal home? Relatively might be in charge. It is the ideal home can be meet Requirement For inhabitants OR Area Not From the size of the house. Until When singer SPECIAL There are no standard sizes suitable for review The A home or room. Duration of the Few DIFFERENT Residents Housing area size compared WITH Term Occupants The Many.

plan the ideal home for a review of the Family

However, IF ANY question was how to plan A The ideal home? You’ll find the answers That Satisfy BECAUSE Questions are answered Easy compared WITH Question Size size ideal home. With lying words, an ideal home That depends IN Term Residents Not By size square meter area.
Planning the Ideal Homes

Understanding that ideal is Very accordance Yang aspired WITH OR conceivable OR desired. Also thus BY home. How to realize the hopes and wishful thinking that the house meets Occupant Requirement For Later?

For a review of ITU Should premeditation PT WORKS OF HUMAN SON BEFORE MAKING OR Buying a new home. How Period orangutan That will inhabit the house? How Land The ADA And NO Least, how Budget owned? And lay forth.

We take an example. Families WITH 2 children OR For The new couple have a Plan had two children-only, then the house Will be inhabited by orangutans Only 4 plus maid IF ANY.

Based on Specific Considerations such as Latitude, furniture etc. So Dan lying area the size of each room as an ideal That follows:

ROOM master bedroom measuring 3 x 4 meters
Child Sleep ROOM measuring 3 x 3 meters
ROOMS Guest Bedroom 3 x 3 meters
Sleep ROOM auxiliary measuring 2 x 3 meters
Living Room 3 x 3 meters
Family Room 3 x 5 meters
Dining Room 3 x 3 meters
-kitchen measuring 3 x 3 meters
berukuran3 car garage x 5 meters
Bathroom / wc measuring 2.5 x 1.5 meters
warehouse measuring 2 x 3 meters

For a review Building houses Matches accordance WITH the size of each room, then takes Land:

1 Sleep ROOMS Top = 12 m2
2 Bedroom Kids = 18 m2
ROOMS Guest Bedroom 1 = 9 m2
1 Sleep ROOM maid = 6 m2
1 Living Room = 9 m2
1 Family Room = 15 m2
1 Dining Room = 9 m2
1-kitchen = 9 m2
1 car garage = 15 m2
3 Bathroom / wc = 12 m2
1 barn = 6 m2
2 terraces (front and rear) = 12 m2

Land Required:
The building houses = 132 m2
Home = 36 m2
Backyard = 18 m2
Period of Land Needed for review Building a house ideal = 186 m2 to 200 m2 ideally OR

Despite Should NOT the same continuous related BECAUSE WITH Land Condition is possessed, at least a description of the size of the ideal home for a review Families inhabited by four orangutans.

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