Batistuta Difficult To Leave Soccer

Batistuta Difficult To Leave Soccer

Batistuta Difficult To Leave Football Legend Fiorentina, Gariel Batistuta admits he is hard to leave football because he gives something more when he is still playing.

Batistuta contributed 242 goals for Fiorentina, Roma and Inter between 1991 to 2003, but the former Argentine striker revealed his fertility for goal achievement left him feeling a loss.

“Did I ever say I do not like football? I say that, but it is done to protect myself from the press and the public, “he said.

“I say that so they can stop asking. I feel I practice too hard. You must remember, I played in Italy in the golden time.

“There is a lot of pressure and everyone is talking about football whenever, which I feel is very boring.

“That’s without saying that I like matches, tactics, practice sessions and everything that happens on the pitch. I was not excited about football when I was young, but it became my passion.

“Finally I live and breathe from football.

“Now, I find it hard to forget football, because I give more than I should give.”

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