Antonio Razzi: Bring Dybala To North Korea

Italian Senator Antonio Razzi has a strange idea in an effort to defuse the crisis in North Korea, where his idea will involve Juventus star Paulo Dybala.

Forza Italian politician is a fan of the 23-year-old Old Lady player, and has attracted controversy in the past for praising Kim Jong Un.

“I want to bring Paulo Dybala to North Korea,” Razzi told local media.

“I know that Kim Jong-Un really likes sports and music, that’s why I’m trying to get Juventus superstars to go there.”

“If I bring Dybala over there, there will be about 200,000 people in the stadium and they also have to install big screens for spectators outside the stadium.”

“If that day comes, then it can certainly be a national feast.”

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